Bioinformatics & Systems Biology at KMUTT

Our international PhD and master programs are designed for students who desire focused training in the elements of biology, computer science, and information technology needed for a successful career in the exciting new discipline of Bioinformatics & Systems Biology. Students in our program will receive comprehensive training in omics analysis, database design and management, software engineering and programming (including web-based development), simulation techniques and modeling, and data integration. Each student will apply their skills to a practical project, where they will design and implement a solution to a real-world problem under the guidance of an experienced mentor in industry or academia.


The explosion of biological information in the past decades has changed the way we approach biology. The vast amount of biological data ranging from genetic sequences, gene expression profiles, to genome-scale metabolic networks demand interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to manage, integrate, and analyze the information, giving birth to a new field called Bioinformatics.

Foreseen that this new young field will play a major role in the development of agricultural and medical sciences and drive Thailand for sustainable economic growth, the Bioinformatics program at KMUTT was established in 2003 in support by National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC). This Thailand's first bioinformatics program has been developed with special attention to work at the interface of biology, information technology, computer science, and mathematics by combining the strength of School of Bioresources and Technology and School of Information Technology at KMUTT.

In 2007, our program went through a major transformation by expanding its core program to include systems biology and change the program name to Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. In 2016, we announced a new PhD program in response to the rise of this emerging field of bioinformatics & systems biology in the post-genomic era.

With over 10 years, our program has continued to produce skilled Bioinformaticians and Systems Biologists now working in top academic institutes and universities, as well as leading industrial companies, worldwide.

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