Comprehensive Examination (CE)

BIF MSc Track B students (Research+Internship Track) are required to take Comprehensive Examination (CE) to fullfill graduation requirement

The BIF MSc comprehension exam takes a form of oral presentation followed by a Q/A session led by CE committee members.

The student can choose to give an oral presentation based on his/her special research study OR research that the student conducts during his/her internship. During the Q/A session, the student will be evaluated his/her depth of knowledge in 5 major areas, including 1) Molecular Biology & Molecular Biochemistry, 2) Bioinformatics & High-throughput Data Analysis, 3) Sequence Analysis and Annotation, 4) Programming Fundamentals, and 5) Data Mining for Bioinformatics. The questions asked by the committee members may or may not directly related to the presented research.

In order to pass the CE, the student must get a consensus score of '3' or higher in all indicators indicated in the CE evaluation form (Download form).

Comprehensive Exam (CE)

Step 1: Student fills in CE request form and gets approval from thesis advisor.

CE committee is composed of a committee chair, thesis advisor, and at least 2 additional faculty members.

Step 2: Student submits the request form to and gets approval from BIF program committee.

Step 3: Student submit the approved CE request form to P'Fah (SBT academic officer).

Step 4: Student schedules the exam date with the committee members.

Step 5: Student submits internship report to the committee members at least 2 weeks before the exam date.

The internship report uses to same template form as that of KMUTT thesis book.

Step 6: Student brings documents to the committee on the date of CE.

The documents are
1) Evaluation form (one copy per committee member) (Download) and
2) One copy of committee approval form (Download).

Step 7:
IF PASSED, advisor submits committee evaluation forms & approval form to P'Fah (SBT academic officer).

IF FAILED, student must retake the exam again.

Note that passing the CE is required before the student can request for graduation.